Had a burnout 🛌

Had a burnout 🛌

Hey, what's up? It's Takuya here. Today, I'd like to talk about the current situation of my project and myself. I think it's helpful for people who are in the same boat now.

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I need to reevaluate my work approach

Last week, I experienced burnout.
It reached a point where I could barely function, leading me to rest and recuperate.
A significant factor was a flare-up of my eczema. This situation made it evident that I've been pushing myself too hard.

Night after night, I found myself ruminating over the technical and business challenges facing Inkdrop. Even during family time, these thoughts consumed me. This prolonged stress culminated in my burnout. Clearly, changes are needed.

The pressure of a high churn rate

Just three months ago, everything seemed fine. So, what changed?

Three months back, the new mobile version was released. The feedback was so positive.

However, despite the positive reception of the new version, Inkdrop's churn rate remains high, as I mentioned in this video from January. The number of paid customers has been on a slow decline (It's still great though).

My primary channel, 'devaslife', successfully attracted users last year. However, these users often stopped using the app shortly after. Determining the cause of this has been challenging.

This situation bred a sense of urgency in me, pushing me to constantly improve my product and produce engaging content. As days passed, the stress accumulated.

One viewer commented that maybe I was too concerned, suggesting that the users from my channel were just casually exploring rather than seriously committing. While this could be a factor, I believe there's more I can do to address the issue.

The central cause of my anxiety? The high churn rate and the resulting pressure to constantly achieve more in less time.