Getting over the plateau

Getting over the plateau

A new devaslife vid is out 🤩 I'm back to working on Inkdrop!

This week's topics:

  • Inkdrop dev update
  • Create a logo for devaslife based on my family crest
  • Trying Ghost
  • Getting over the plateau 💪

👷 Inkdrop

📱 Mobile v5 beta

Screenshot 2023-02-17 at 09.55.44

✅ Custom CouchDB database

  • Settings > Data Synchronization
Screenshot 2023-02-17 at 09.56.12

🐞 [iOS] Cursor occationally jumps back to the top

That’s caused by iOS, which occasionally unloads webviews for saving memory consumption for other apps. The app can’t prevent that but has to reload the webview when back from the background to active. That results in that cursor jump. It’d be nice to save the cursor position and restore it when reloading the webview. But, I guess it will still have some strange behavior.

🚧 Share notes on the web

It will be available next week💪

🤔️ Create a logo for devaslife based on my family crest

My channel doesn't have a logo yet.

Japanese family crests are cool

My family's one is a flying crane called Maizuru(舞鶴) like this