How I created the devaslife logo

How I created the devaslife logo

Hey there! It's Takuya here. This week I published a new video on devaslife, created a logo for the channel, and started working on implementing the In-App Purchase for the iOS app!

πŸ₯³ New video is out

Check it out if you haven't yet πŸ™Œ

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The location was Minamitenma Park (ε—ε€©ζΊ€ε…¬εœ’) in Osaka:

Google Maps

I've finally created a logo for devaslife.

07_1.19.1 square

It is a fully geometric design based on the golden ratio, inspired by Japanese family crests:

  • Outer circle: A wisteria vine - The wisteria is considered an auspicious plant due to its long lifespan and strong reproductive capacity. It is used in many Japanese crests. It represents the vibe of my channel, which incorporates nature in coding.
  • Inner pattern: Curly brackets - It consists of four curly brackets '{', which are commonly used in many programming languages. These brackets are intertwined with white lines to resemble a braid called 'Kumihimo'. It represents that you compile your code. Combining 2-4 shapes is one of the common patterns in Japanese family crest designs.
  • Center left blank: Wabi-sabi (δΎ˜ε―‚) - The center of the logo is intentionally left blank to reflect my video's 'Wabi-sabi' style, which essentially means 'less is more'.

Overall, the logo conveys the theme of 'coding in nature'.

πŸ₯Έ Intentionally designed the opposite of the trend

I've already announced the logo on the community tab of my channel. 95% of the reactions were positive. But I've got some interesting comments there.


I love their opinions. I appreciate the feedback!